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Gxrl on Grill brings together the work of video and performance artists that use food as a medium in their practice to explore, challenge and respond to a range of social, cultural and political issues. Hosted at Honey’s Bar in Bushwick, the performers and screenings will occupy all parts of the space, creating an immersive and interactive environment that departs from the usual white-wall gallery setting. Reclaiming the metaphorical “Grill” often dominated by white, cis-men, Gxrl on Grill  takes on a feminist curatorial mission of selecting artists that use food in non-traditional ways to open up the world of art/food/performance. 


Co-curators Alison Pirie and Christina Dietz are New York based video and performance artists who use food in their practices to explore themes related to the female body. They initially connected on social media over their shared love of food and performance and decided to create Gxrl on Grill as a series of video and live performance events to meet and showcase other artists working with food. Their mission is to provide a platform for artists and viewers often excluded from traditional spaces and to explore how food, when charged by performance, can start discussions and foster community.

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